Fallback Museums

Calligraphy with the San Diego Chinese Historical museum

View the Powerpoint

Art with the Timken Museum

Did you enjoy learning with the Timken? Check out all the tutorials on their youtube channel! 

Musical story time with the museum of making music

Join the Museum of Making Music for a Musical Story time! 

Thank a Suffragist with the womens museum of california

Thank a Suffragist for your right to vote. Color and send a post card to the Women’s Museum! More info and vintage postcards for download on their website.

Spooky object with archivist Miguel at the bonita museum

Dollar bill heart making with the bonita museum

Thomas the Tank engine pencil holder with the San diego model railroad museum

Get the instructions HERE

learn your shapes and make a train with the san diego model railroad museum

Get the printout HERE to build your own train!

It's Electric with the fleet science center

Tour the bontia museum archives

Crafts and activities with the Gaslamp museum

Thank you to all the wonderful museums for providing this content! 

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