Sidewalk Cafes (Land Development Code Section 141.0621):

This discretionary Permitted use may only exist in conjunction with and adjacent to a street-level eating or drinking establishment; may only be used for dining drinking, and circulation

Design: An 8 foot clear path of travel between railing and curb or any obstruction must be maintained. Railing of 3’6” or less must delineate café area. Clear transparent safety glass (not plexiglass) may be applied to top of railing as windscreen, height not to exceed 5 feet total. Fences and solid walls are not permitted. Railing shall be constructed of wrought or cast iron and painted black.

Not permitted: Drink rails and shelves; food preparation stations such as espresso carts, hot dog stands, or outdoor grills; moveable or fixed outdoor decorative displays such as fountains; planting boxes hanging over outside edge or atop rail; painting, staining, or otherwise modifying existing brick paving; elevating floor surface; roll up or plastic sheeting between rail/windscreen and awning

Public Right-of-Way (Sidewalk) Uses:

Permitted uses: planters, flower stalls, newsstands, shoeshine stands, and sidewalk cafes, potted plants within 2 feet of building face (for businesses that do not have sidewalk cafes)

Not Permitted: Signs (including A-frame signs), furniture, equipment, pushcarts

Permanent Menu Boards: may be mounted to railing of sidewalk café or face of building; cannot protrude outside of permitted encroachment area

Multi-Media Signage: Not permitted (including video/computer monitors or overhead projectors featuring either animated or static electronic displays)

Speakers and Sound Systems: not permitted

Automated Teller machines (ATMs) – Not permitted on exterior of a contributing building or on any building façade on Fifth Avenue.