Adult Education Programs at the GQHF

History in Your Community

The GQHF  is happy to bring the history of the Gaslamp Quarter straight into your community!

Seven Colorful Characters of the Gaslamp

Alonzo Horton’s Houses and Spouses 

Women of the Gaslamp

The Spy in the Attic 

Suffragettes in San Diego 

Architecture in the Gaslamp

Boom-Build-Bust: The History of the Gaslamp 

A seated tour of the Gaslamp 

The Davis-Horton House: One House, Many Stories  

Have a topic in mind not covered here? Give us a call! We love to create specialty programs!

A Walk Through Time

The Davis-Horton House is the oldest standing structure in downtown San Diego, dating to 1850. The House was a barracks for military officers, home to San Diego’s Founding Father, Alonzo Horton, the first county hospital, a boarding house, an illegal distillery, a look-out for a German spy, plus much more! Through a guided tour, filled with stories about the House and its past residents, visitors can better imagine life in San Diego between 1850 and 1920. There is also a gallery with rotating exhibits based on the artifacts of the Museum collection.  60 minutes.

Historical Block Tour

This program focuses on the historical and architectural heritage of the Gaslamp Quarter as represented through its stately, historic buildings. This one block walking tour is ideal for those desiring  a close-up look at the different architectural styles of  the Gaslamp Quarter., while avoiding a lengthy walk or street crossing. Duration: 45 minutes, 75 minutes with added House Tour.

For those interested in a longer walk, our Gaslamp Walking Tour encompasses many of the significant buildings in the Gaslamp Quarter and features information on the district’s architecture and history. This tour is generally around one half mile of walking.

Duration: 60 minutes, 90 minutes with added House Tour.


Make it a day in the Gaslamp!  The GQHF has teamed up with the Horton Grand Hotel to create a special experience for groups looking to spend more time in the area. Join us for the tour of your choice and then have Lunch or Afternoon Tea at Ida Bailey’s restaurant in the historic Horton Grand Hotel. The Horton Grand is conveniently located across the street from the Museum.

Pocket Park

Our Pocket Park is featured on many of our tours. It is home to the beautiful bronze statues of Bum the Dog and his friend Greyfriars Bobby. Both can “talk” with the aid of a QR Code and tell their own story. The Park is a wonderful, shady place for a rest before or after your tour. It is also a lovely place for a brown bag picnic with plenty of tables and chairs !