Signage (PDO Section 157.0402, Land Development Code, Chapter 12, Article 9, Division 8)

All exterior signs require a City of San Diego permit. Initial approval of sign design required by CIVIC San Diego prior to city submittal. See GQ Design Guidelines for specific standards.

Signage approvals are not transferable. Signs must be removed or resubmitted for approval when the operation or building use changes.

Permanent Sign Banners: permitted unless blocking façade windows; limited to (1) 18 square foot double-faced banner per façade; follow Signage rules; area counts towards total allowable sign area

Not permitted: backlit plastic signs; oversized signs; signs with contemporary fonts; flashing, moving, or animated signs; exposed neon (except historical) sidewalk signs

Flags: can only display symbol of a nation or state; graphics for businesses or products not permitted; limited to 2 per façade; size and scale shall be compatible with building size and scale