Fall Back Contests

Welcome to the Main Stage!

Try one of Fall Back’s fan favorite contests! 

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Pie Eating

What you need:

A pie for each player or a slice of pie for each player

How to Play:

You can do the contests two ways:

  1. Who ever eats their entire pie or slice first wins!
  2. Decide on an amount of time for the contest (example 30 seconds) whoever eats the most in the time wins!

Pie too much? You can also do this contest with a plate of whipped cream!

Other variations we play at fall back:

Spaghetti eating

Ice cream eating (watch out for brain freezes!)

Bubble gum blowing

What you need:

Piece of gum for each contestant

How to Play:

Blow as large a bubble as you can. Quickly have someone measure the bubble or have 1 person be the judge of all the bubbles blown. Whatever the judge rules goes, no arguing!

Seed Spitting

What you need:

Pumpkin Seed for each player

How to Play:

Mark a line as the start point.

Each player stands on the line and spits their seed as far as they can. The seed farthest from the line wins!

Other prizes you can give:

Player who spits with the most pizazz

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