Design: Must be integral to design of building/ storefront; should not cover distinctive architectural features; shall be traditional triangular profile unless conflicts with architecture or windows; retractable awnings strongly encouraged. See Design Guidelines page 39 for specific dimensional restrictions.

Materials/Color: Shall be of canvas-type fabric; shiny, high-gloss materials not permitted Historically, awning colors were natural earth tones; Incorporating historic colors, patterns, and trim details is strongly recommended (thin intermittent stripes of white with either dark green, medium green, dark red, or terra cotta red OR solid color of same palette)

Signage: may be located on valance but not on angled portion of awning; counts toward total allowable area of signage

Accessories: Heaters or lighting must be self-supporting and may not be hung from awning structure. Exterior heaters must be permitted by the City of San Diego.