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Monster Bash 2018

Monster Bash 2018

THE 18TH ANNUAL MONSTER BASH  San Diego’s Largest Halloween Outdoor Block Party Saturday, October 27th, 2018

Check out the information from 2017! Information on Monsterbash 2018 will be coming soon!

San Diego, CA – The 17th Annual Monster Bash returns on Saturday, October 28th from 6pm to Midnight to transform the iconic Gaslamp Quarter into a wicked wonderland unlike ever seen before. Drawing flocks of costumed crowds from every state in the US, Monster Bash has earned its title as one of So Cal’s hottest Halloween block parties and 2017 promises to be the biggest show yet. The event boasts five themed stages to transport revelers into hellish realms of fear and intrigue with stacked lineups of world class entertainment with DJ sets and live performances by trap, edm, hip hop, house, and progressive artists.

Each year Monster Bash pushes the limits of creativity with epic themed stages that transport partygoers out of Downtown and into twisted realms that tip-toe the line between guests’ most twisted fantasies and biggest fears. Step right up to the big top terror of Clown Carnage where menacing painted faces lurk from every corner. Phantom clowns have been disturbing the country with their eerie appearances and they have now found their haven within the Monster Bash venue. The hot pink mansion of your childhood memories has gotten a gruesome makeover as your plastic host exacts her revenge on her torturous puppet masters in the Twisted Dream House. Don’t let the beautiful blondes fool you here – their melted faces hide a troubling secret that they won’t soon forget! At the Asylum, if you can read the writing on the wall, it is too late to turn back. Consumed by darkness and unable to escape, the Asylum introduces you to a gang of abandoned asylum patients who have come to exact their revenge on the partygoers of Monster Bash.  A wasteland of forgotten corpses, dismembered creatures, and swarms of pestilence, Death & Decay is a nightmare come alive. Come to terms with your own morality and beware the kiss of death hanging on the air. Come to this stage to be judged and deemed fit for the $5K costume contest finals.

Partygoers can upgrade their ticket with VIP perks to take their experience to the next level with exclusive access into the Black Butterfly VIP. Within the twisted darkness of the Black Butterfly VIP, attendees enjoy 5 complimentary drinks, easy access entry, a VIP lounge,  $1 off all drinks at the VIP bar, private upgraded comfort station restrooms (no more going in the dark!), and more!

NEW this year we are revamping the competition with the Death & Decay stage, a dedicated costume contest stage where everyone can be judged by a celebrity panel of your favorite local radio jocks! Monster Bash hosts San Diego’s most creative, over-the-top costumed revelers as they compete in the infamous Monster Bash Costume Contest. Ditch store-bought costumes and start planning your costume now for your chance to win over $5000 in CASH prizes.


Ticket Pricing Tiers:

GA                                                                                           VIP

    $30 through September 7th                                               $70 through September 7th

•       $40 through October 5th

•       $50 through October 19th

•       $55 through October 27th

•       $60 on the day of

•       $75 through October 5th

•       $85 through October 19th

•       $95 through October 27th

•       $110 on the day of


**Active and retired military take $5 off GA and $10 off VIP at each price tier


Your Monster Bash wristband also gets you food and drink specials and free cover at over 20 different participating restaurants and bars in the Gaslamp Quarter and East Village.  You must be 21+ and have a valid photo ID to enter.

This event benefits The Gaslamp Quarter Historical Foundation and East Village Association, which promote, protect, and preserve the Gaslamp Quarter and East Village through advocacy, community relations, and promotional programs.  For more ticket or event information, visit or call McFarlane Promotions, Inc. at 619.233.5008.

History Talks! Alonzo Horton’s Spouses and Houses

History Talks! Alonzo Horton’s Spouses and Houses

The Gaslamp Museum continues its celebration of the 150th anniversary of the arrival of Alonzo Horton in San Diego with a lecture on Alonzo Horton’s Spouses and Houses on Wednesday, August 16th at 7pm! The lecture, given by Sandee Wilhoit GQHF Historian and Lead Tour Guide, will delve into her research on Horton’s wives and his houses in San Diego.

Historical records and accounts from the time give varying accounts on how many wives Horton had in his life, numbers range from 3 to 5! Through Horton’s 42 years in San Diego he bought, built, and sold, many houses around the city. Today, only the Davis-Horton House remains. View seldom seen photos of the lost buildings and hear the stories they tell about San Diego’s early history.

History Talks! is a monthly lecture series presented by the Gaslamp Museum at the Davis-Horton House. Each month a local historian or specialist delve into topics related to San Diego and the Davis-Horton House to bring a unique glimpse into the history of our city. Come hear history come alive!


Lectures are free for Members, $5 non-members.

History Talks! Alonzo Horton and the Founding of New Town San Diego

History Talks! Alonzo Horton and the Founding of New Town San Diego


Join us July 12th for a History Talks! lecture to celebrate the opening of the Gaslamp Museum’s new exhibit on the 150th anniversary of the arrival of Alonzo Horton. Learn about Horton and the founding of downtown San Diego with a lecture by Richard Crawford, Author of several books on San Diego History and Head Librarian of Special Collections at the Central Library.

Free for Member, $5 Non-Members.

In the News: The News in San Diego and San Diego in the News

In the News: The News in San Diego and San Diego in the News


Currently on display in the Mary Jorlamon Gallery at The Gaslamp Museum at the Davis-Horton House is “In the News: The News in San Diego and San Diego in the News”.

The exhibition features a variety of vintage newspapers from the Museum’s collection. The papers span from a facsimile of the first newspaper published in San Diego in 1851 to papers from the 1930s. The papers cover important events that happened in San Diego and events that impacted the world as they were reported in San Diego newspapers. From the sinking of the Titanic to a list of letters left in the post office in 1851, the newspaper collection gives a unique glimpse into the everyday workings of San Diego’s past.

Playing in the Museum gallery is a video interview with the General Manager of KPBS, Tom Karlo, which explores the way people get their news in today’s fast paced digital world.

Newspapers were generously donated by Cindy and Martin Blair.

The Gaslamp Museum at the Davis-Horton House is open Tuesday-Saturday 10am to 4:30pm and Sunday from 12pm to 3:30pm.

Closing in May! See it now before the newspapers return to the archives.

Changing Silhouettes Throughout the 19th Century: Clothing and Understructure

Presented by Cindy Piselli and Valarie LaBore

The Gaslamp Quarter Historical Foundation is pleased to announce the return of its popular “History Talks!” series in 2017. The first lecture will be Sunday, March 5th at 3pm at the Gaslamp Museum in the Mary Jorlamon Gallery. Clothing experts, Cindy Piselli and Valarie LaBore will share their extensive knowledge on the clothing of the 19th century.

Cindy and Valarie are both members and past Presidents of the San Diego Costume Guild, as well as members of the Costumers Guild West.  Cindy is also a member of the Victorian Roses Ladies Riding Society.  Valarie has given a presentation on bloomer gowns at the annual ALHFAM conference in Williamsburg, VA. Cindy has co-lectured on fashion here in San Diego with author Garner Palenske, who wrote Wyatt Earp in San Diego.  Both ladies have several years of experience producing and narrating historical fashion shows, and presenting lectures at events such as Costume College, and for various guilds and clubs.

Join us for an afternoon of fashion and history!