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A Little Victorian Irish Luck!

Every March 17, the Gaslamp Quarter becomes the emerald jewel of San Diego, when ShamROCK arrives.  San Diegans don green clothes, drink green beer, indulge in leprechaun-worthy shenanigans, watch parades, eat corned beef and even dye their hair green. Revelers celebrate all things Irish, and claim to be Irish, if only for a day. The […]

Victorian New Years Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are not a modern concept. Indeed, the Victorians and Edwardians had definite ideas about getting a fresh start during the impending new year. Surprisingly, some of their notions closely mirrored 21st century desires to reform and be one’s best self. Not surprisingly, a great deal of skepticism abounded about the general ability […]

Don’t Leave Home Without It!

A Little History of the Purse! After a most successful afternoon of e-shopping for purses and handbags, a history of these necessities, and in some cases, obsessions, seems appropriate. Believe it or not, the real reason for needing a purse early on wasn’t for shopping, but for socializing. As calling on friends in the afternoon […]

Victorian Halloween Traditions – Now That’s Scary!

Nineteenth century Victorians had some very strange, to our eyes, norms. They included unusual occupations,  such as leech collectors, and peculiar and, in many cases poisonous, beauty rituals, including cosmetics containing arsenic, for one. Their style of architecture with its myriad hidden creaky staircases, turrets, secret rooms, underground tunnels and dark corners certainly mirrored our […]

A Victorian 4th of July!

Forty one percent of Americans polled did not know why we celebrate the Fourth of July. Most thought that Americans were celebrating America’s birthday. Close – but not exactly. On June 11, 1776, the Second Continental Congress met in Philadelphia, and formed a committee to draft a document that would effectively sever the colonies’ ties […]